Friday, February 17, 2017

Hello 2017!

Hello 2017. We ended 2016 sadly with leaving Kununurra. I'll admit I was sad to say goodbye to the beautiful landscape and the lovely friends that we had come to call family, but it was time to go. So now we live 3,500kms south in a farming town. A small farming town with a population of about 65. Lots of things are different, we are all adapting. Part of the process for me has been unpacking my sewing machine at last! It was the first thing I packed when we moved as I wanted to keep it safe and it has been the last thing to be unpacked as I knew once it was out the box not much else would be done! So I have it set up, ready to go and I'm filled with such confidence that I declared to my sister on the weekend, "17 table runners for 2017? That should be doable! Right?"

Why not? Lets give it a go! So I pulled some fabrics with a friend who has a birthday in May in mind, got inspired by this block in a magazine and let the sewing begin!


Robby H. said...

They say, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." Perhaps that will be reflected in your pursuit of your goal for 2017. At least you can enjoy the journey along the way.

Tine said...

You can finish 17 table runners in 2017 if you put your mind to it. But why 17?

Maria said...

wow what a huge move!

ruthsplace said...

I hope you all transition happily into your new community. Moving is a huge job, you have my sympathy!

Can't wait to see your 17 in 2017

Millie said...

A friend from Sydney Australia visited me (in New Hampshire, USA) last fall and was very impressed I even knew about Kununurra. She said most Aussies wouldn't know about it. However, she did correct my pronunciation. :-) SOMEDAY I'll get there.