Monday, June 15, 2015


Well after getting annoyed by my walking foot issues and goggling and sniffing around the internet I thought that maybe it was the fact I was using a spray adhesive to sandwich my table runners was causing the grief. So I sewed together some more scrappy squares to make into another table runner. I do have two cot sized quilts ready to sandwich but I didn't want to do my experiment on them. Once I had the squares done it was quick to cut them down to 3.5 inches and then sew them all together, that is actually a deep green as a border, not black as it looks in the picture. So all ready to go and I got out the pins and pinned away!

Then, new needle in and away we went and surprise, surprise, still skipping! Arggg! So I took out my King Tut thread I was using and decided to try my green Aurifil thread instead. Well, that was better, only skipped once in a row instead of five times with the King Tut. But by now I'm back to thinking its my walking foot because when I was piecing the top of this runner, not one single skipped stitch! So I took the @#$%%=*!! walking foot off, unpicked the five rows I had just done and replaced it with an open toe foot and started again. The result? Absolutely perfect. Go figure!

So to save myself going through all that grief again, here are my quilting specs:
Pressure dial on the back of the machine - 1.
Upper thread tension - 4.
Stitch width - 2.5.
Stitch length - 4.
Top thread - Aurifil 50.
Bottom thread - King Tut.
Direction of quilting - Down, pivot, back up, pivot, down etc.


ruthsplace said...

It's looking great!

Shasta Matova said...

I am glad you figured out how to make it work for you. I really like quilting, but sometimes it is the smallest detail that causes a big problem. Great colors too.