Sunday, March 01, 2015

Go Anti Clockwise!

There is nothing like a deadline, a long weekend and a husband away on a 48 hour fishing trip to get the sewing juices flowing again! Next weekend I am off on a Quilting Retreat, it is to the same place with the same ladies as last year here. I put my hand up and said I would host the jelly roll session and so I will be walking the ladies through making the Jelly Roll Jam 2 Quilt from the free pattern section of the fantastic Fat Quarter Shop. So I "had to" make a sample to show them next weekend. It came together pretty quickly and I was down on the floor with my pins sandwiching it together before I knew it. Even though its a very geometrically pattern, I thought I would do a big circle spiral quilting pattern, just for practice. I really like the effect it creates. So I marked a starting point, put the darning foot on and away I went. Anti clockwise. I didn't realize then I'd be up for a d'oh moment soon. I did the first five ripples of the circle then changed over to my open toe foot, I just can't fall in love with my walking foot, I get better results with a normal open toe foot. So another ten ripples later and I notice I am getting really bunched up at a certain curve in the neck making it a bit tricky to push through, it was supposed to get less bulk in the neck as the circle got bigger, not more. Then the d'oh moment hit me, I should have gone in a clockwise direction.

But I continued on till the quilting reached an edge and then I flipped it around in a clockwise direction. I've just got the binding to go now. Tomorrow is a public holiday here in WA so I'll get it done in no time.

Thanks for all the lovely comments about my blue and green table runner int he last post too. :)

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Lauren said...

OH, the D'ohs! Especially at 10:30 when you just. want. it. done.