Monday, February 24, 2014

The Quilting Retreat!

I went on a quilting retreat on the weekend with the ladies I sew with in real life. We threw around the idea back in November and as always it takes awhile to organize but we packed up our machines and headed to the beautiful Lake Argyle on Saturday. This was the view just from our cabin. It was our 10th wedding anniversary on Saturday so I thought I better drag Daz and the girls along too but they went out on the boat for the day with friends while the ladies sewed!

We were doing a bargello runner. The strips had been cut a few weeks earlier. Here is my view for most of the weekend while inside.

Concentrating while cutting and unpicking the strips ready to sew back together.... Don't chat to me while I'm cutting! 
Here we all are on Sunday with our projects. Some ladies worked on cathedral windows or kaleidoscope blocks. A jelly roll race was held on Saturday night after a few wines.... I didn't do that one as I don't want to break open the only jelly roll I have! Wish I did now though cause they turned out pretty well.
Here is my friend Nardia and I with our finished table runners looking pretty pleased with ourselves on Sunday. You can't tell some of our seams don't match up from this distance!

And while we were sewing, Grace was catching brim. A productive weekend all around!


Annette said...

The table runners are stunning, lucky ladies to have a retreat in such a beautiful location. Grace looks happy with her catch. Lake Argyle & Ord River cruise were hightlights of a 2012 holiday, has the resort been built where there was only the infinity pool. Take care

ruthsplace said...

Such a gorgeous first photo! Love the table runners and the other projects. Looks like a lot of fun.