Thursday, January 30, 2014

Our Summer Holiday.

Back to work tomorrow, that holiday just zoomed by. We fitted a lot in, first stop was back to Perth. One highlight was meeting our beautiful niece/cousin, only 5 weeks old. We were all smitten with her.

Then after Christmas and New Year, Daz and I left the girls with their grandparents and went over to Tasmania for a friends wedding. Haven't been to Tassie before, so we did some touristy things like visit the Cascade Brewery. It was cold though, 17 degrees on average, I had to buy a beanie!! But the cold was a novelty for us as we are so used to the heat, I loved wearing a scarf again.

We hired a car and went to the historic Port Arthur. It was a great break away, haven't traveled without the girls for that long a time, it was different! And the wedding was beautiful, it was the marriage of two teachers we work with, so it was very special to travel 4,000kms to attend.

Then it was back to Perth for two days and to pick up the girls and head to Singapore! Bit different to our usual relaxing by the pool Bali style as there is so much to see and do.

We meet some locals. Milly was stopped three times and asked if she would mind being in a photo!

We also found vending shoe machines, handy!

We spent a day at the zoo, I loved the signage there. I guess an animal face is universal in any language!

I got to feed a giraffe!

Milly quite happy to pose with the food here because it was a plastic display out the front of a restaurant. Her taste buds aren't that adventurous. I have another photo of her eating sushi and her expression is priceless, like she was eating a poisonous poo or something equally as horrible.

This lovely lady sold us a new memory card for our camera half way through the trip. We just had to take a photo to see if it worked ok!

Milly all smiles before getting on the Singapore flyer, a big enclosed Ferris wheel, sort of like the London Eye.

And we got to go to Universal Studios! Here is Daz and the girls posing in front of the Universal globe the day before we actually went.

The moment we walked through the gate!

Amongst all the rides we got to say hi to King Julian...

And also Pinocchio....

And also Shrek and Princess Fiona! It was a great day at Universal Studios, we were there for 9 hours! We got our tickets upgraded to Express, so we went straight to the front of every que, that was nice!

This one was taken on our last night there, we were about to board the water taxi (the boat just in the left of the shot) to take us over to Marina Sands, the three big building in the background with a curved boat on top! So an action packed summer holiday, all ready to hit the school year now.


Becky said...

WOW, what a great holiday. The pictures are GREAT. Thanks for sharing.

ruthsplace said...

Looks like you had a great time. Love the photos.

Cindy Sharp said...

It looks like a wonderful trip. Glad you had fun.

Shari said...

Looks like an amazing summer!