Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spring 2013 Bloggers Quilt Festival.

It's that time of the year again! Amy is hosting the Spring 2013 Bloggers Quilt Festival. I am going to enter this mini quilt in the ROYGBIV category. This quilt was made in 2011 and is hanging in my lounge room at the moment.

The pattern was from some sheets from a Judy Niemyer pattern I had purchased called Japanese Fans. But the pattern was for a huge queen sized bed with all this interconnecting S shapes, making "fans". I just took 4 sheets and made a circle.

I was in awe of how sharp those points were! It was my second attmpt at paper peicing, I was impressed.

It all came together pretty quickly. I did get a bit carried away though and accidentally reversed the direction of green to blue.... so the bottom left block here was tossed in the "unloved orphan block" pile and I resewed another.

Quilting it was fun. Echo stitched every second spike in a matching thread.

And then pebble quilted all the white. Black binding with little white swirls to match the pebbles

Thanks for visiting, enjoy all the eye candy of the festival!

Finished quilt specifications:
Quilt Measurements: 20 x 20 inches.
Special Techniques used: Paper peicing.
Quilted by: Me!


CitricSugar said...

Oh wow - beautiful work and perfect points!

Little Island Quilting said...


Anonymous said...

This is an amazing quilt. The colours are beautiful. All those points!!! and that wonderful quilting!!

Susan said...

Beautiful, Don't you just love the look of paper piecing!

Newbie Jen said...

Just gorgeous!

Tiffany said...

It's beautiful! Your quilts always have so much color! Well done.

Aoife said...

Such a stunning quilt! The points are mind blowing, but I love the colours and the colour repeats. So beautiful.

Karen said...

This is a wonderful quilt. Love all the colours and the quilting. I admire you for taking on all that paper piecing!

straythreads said...

very beautiful! the colors are like a new box of crayons

Deborah said...

wow - only your second attempt at paper piecing - it is amazing :-)