Sunday, July 15, 2012

Agricultural Show Wrap Up.

It was the local Agricultural Show this weekend. Remember last year? This time I placed a first in "Appliqued - Other Article" for this table runner.

And also a first in "Patchwork - Other Article". I did enter the pink and purple zig zag baby quilt I had just finished but that didn't get a place. So I still have to crack the first place for "Patchwork - Quilt"! So a quilt the style of this runner? Pastels and floral? Just cause I live in the country do I really have to do a country styled quilt to win??!

Milly picked up a third for this drawing. I took it to school to laminate and the laminator chewed up one end! The horror!!! She took about 3 weeks to do the detail on this drawing!

Milly did score a first in the "Any Other Construction Model Not Lego" with this castle that she actually made at school.

And Grace? She reluctantly entered this dragon eye drawing which didn't place. I really had to encourage her to have a go and enter something as she is nearing that why should I bother stage and then nothing.... I know a child can't win a certificate or get acknowledged for everything but poor Gracie, sometimes always in the shadow of her younger sister. I'll keep on encouraging!


~LilOlFrankie~ said...

Wow! Great efforts from you all!!! I was just thinking about doing something like this the other day. Congratulations!

becanne said...

Love the dragon eye. Is that her own design?

Poppyprint said...

Well done everyone!!!

Cass said...

Well done Simpson family. I love Grace's drawing it looks fantastic. And don't worry you will crack the quilting prize eventually you just have to get them to realise that not everyone likes country quilts in brown

The Humming Cat said...

OMG how did that dragon eye so not win?? Its AWESOME!

KateKwiltz said...

Hey, that dragon eye is pretty neat, those judges just don't appreciate her sense of fantasy. Love your table runners and way to go, Millie!