Saturday, June 16, 2012

Red Squares!

 It feels odd here this weekend. The girls have gone off on their first ever Girl Guides camp! My heart is going but Milly's only in year 2, she's too young!!!! But her best friend is going and her best friend's Mum is one of the leaders, they are only camping on a property a 5 minute drive from us, Grace is there and as Daz keeps telling me, she'll be fine! And she will, they were both so excitied this morning.

So that leaves me the whole weekend to work uninterupted on this project which shall now be known as the Red Square Quilt. Maybe I should branch out and sew other designs rather than squares but there is something about them.... I lay the blocks on the floor. Each has been framed with the same Kona solid, tomato I think?

Now I am starting to add white. Three rows of red squares, something like that, winging it as I go.


SoozeM said...

It doesn't matter how many times we tell ourselves they will be fine we still worry! My kids have been in Scouts and Guides for a number of years now so weekend camps are almost the norm, but in Jan my son is going to Jamboree in Qld and my daughter to FanTAStic (the Guides equivalent to Jamboree) in Tasmania - very scary to have them both going interstate!

Cindy said...

Think of the stories that they will have go tell you!

kelly said...

ooh, i love those different-sized blocks all joined together!!

Shari said...

A little taste of empty nest - they will have a great time.

Love the red baby quilt. I thinking designing on the go can be a lot of fun.

The purple table runner is great. Your friend will be so happy with it.

Hope you have a good weekend although be now the girls will be due home soon!

Michelle said...

This quilt is going to be fantastic! I find nothing wrong with squares - I love them and in fact my favourite block is framed squares, or a framed version of log cabin. The red and the white together is going to be just SO GOOD!

Hope your girls have a great time! I remember girl guides and brownies camps in Townsville - always so much fun! Except for some reason my batteried on my torch would ALWAYS run out before the last night!

ruthsplace said...

The squares are going to be stunning. I hope they girls have a great time camping. Some of my best childhood memories are of camps away with friends.