Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Purple Squares.

I am so cross at myself. I stared this table runner on Sunday afternoon. Something simple and quick for a friends birthday coming up this weekend, and I want to give it to her this weekend, not like the last table runner! So I sewed some purple squares, very similar to the Orange Square Tablerunner. Sandwiched it this afternoon and then in my haste set to quilting it. Just straight lines, something easy. Something one wouldn't stuff up hey? So off I go, la la la, quilt, quilt, quilt. Looking good and then after about 10 rows I think, hmmm forgot to change the stitch length. Oh, its okay, I'll keep going on, it won't matter, can't be bothered to waste time unpicking it! La, la, la, more quilt, quilt, quilt. Then hmmmm the typical Helen pulling fabric, making it look like crap trick is happening! Again!!

But huh? It's not happening here! Why??! Same circumstances exactly! I get so impatient to get to the quilting, my prepartation seems to be lacking. So now I find myself having to unpick it all and start again, wasting my time. *sigh* My sewing time seems so rare and precious these days I don't want to waste it by unpicking! And now I have to decided to either just stipple it all over or increase the stitch length and try again. Argggg!


Denise Russell said...

Oh... I know exactly how you feel. Just the other day I spent about 40 minutes undoing quilting stitches from a tiny area of a wall hanging. That is when I started dreaming of a tool called 'stitch zapper' ( :-) ). I guess you could use it, too, huh? I would have undone them... sorry for the bummer suggestion!

♥Duff said...

You do have two smallish house elves who are at an age where this type of thing would be a happy chore. Have you asked them for help? I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at their willingness and ability to unpick for you.
Of course, if it were there, I'd gladly help you. As long as you promised me chocolate...or ice cream...♥

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Oh wow............are you using a walking foot while doing the straight line stitching, it will make a world of difference.