Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Stars, stars, stars!

I finished these on the weekend. It was a three day weekend, so I got a lot done! Wouldn't it be nice if every weekend was a long weekend?

So these stars are for AJ. After I completely stuffed up the first lot of material she gave me with these odd looking stars! These ones look much better, I am sure she will like these better!

She sent me enough for three blocks which was very nice of her!

And she inspired me to make this star block. It is the start of guess what? Another table runner! I'm using from the stash a Kona solid called Honey Dew and the prints are from a range called Filigree which I brought mid last year and have sat in the green drawer since then. It feels good to be using from the stash.


AJ said...

These are much better! Perfect in fact! Love the last one too! I think I have that same fabric used in the star 'points'

Shari said...

Love your stars! And that white-on-white star background fabric.

Anonymous said...

really nice. love them all