Saturday, February 11, 2012

Maverick Stars for AJ

I have taken the dust cover off my sewing machine and actually sewed this morning!! It has been awhile...... Thought I would ease myself into it by sewing these two blocks for a sewing bee I am in. These are for AJ who requested Maverick Stars.

I love sewing stars! So now to turn my attention to the other bee which is being run by some flickr quilting buddies, I have to sew two baskets. I have had the fabric selected and sitting on the sewing desk here but the thought of cutting a handle on a curve is sending shivers of dread down my spine! Toughen up Helen, you can do this, you are late with this block already!


AJ said...

You goose you'll have to make them again! One red and one yellow not mixed up please! More white coming your way on Monday

AJ said...

Welcome back to quilting by the way!