Monday, July 18, 2011

DQS#11 - The Beginning!

It's that time again, Dolls Quilt Swap #11! Back to our roots for this round. We have taken the size back to between 9 x 9 to 18 x 18 inches, actual doll quilt size! No art quilts this round and it must have a minimum of at least 6 pieced blocks. So with those thoughts in mind I stumbled across the block crossed canoes. I drew this layout in Quark to get an idea of how I can play around with the colours.

I've pulled some fabric and its time to just get sewing now I think and see if this is going the direction I want it to!


Poppyprint said...

Dangit, I knew I should've signed up. Crossed canoes is totally on my list of 'to do' quilts. I want to make it from just two colours one it!!

Cindy said...

How awesome is that?!